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We are elated to release the 2020 Minnick Hills Vineyard Proprietary Blend, from Anvil by Forgeron. This is our fourth release of this wine, and it has already gained a loyal following and massive critical acclaim. 
In 2021 we had a bit of an odd start. We experienced a push and pull with the weather conditions throughout the growing season. The growing season started off with much warmer temperatures in the spring that led us to expect an early harvest, but temperatures lowered to a more optimal level during the summer months. With the proper temperatures continuing through to the end of summer we were able to wait for the most ideal moment to harvest the fruit. The optimal harvest conditions allowed us to develop comprehensive varietal character in the finished wines.
A pale hue of shimmery straw with a wink of green Chartreuse greets you. The melodramatic aromatics flit from persimmon to pluot, then show perfectly ripe peach notes that crescendo into lemon panna cotta with graham cracker crust. The initial palate impression is of Polynesian purée highlighted by papaya and pineapple. At the middle, a mélange of fastidious stone fruit liqueurs from plum to pear appear, adding to the exquisite balance that underscores the whole of the tasting experience. The finish exhibits bright finger lime and leaves one wanting to pair this with everything from Shrimp Ceviche to Snapper Vera Cruz

French Creek Vineyard has always been a favorite for our Anvil by Forgeron Chardonnay and this vintage is phenomenal. We love the nuanced flavor profiles that are notable in this wine. Each year this wine has far exceeded our expectation, showcasing Yakima Valley fruit at its finest. The expression of fresh acidity and the warmth of new French oak gives this wine a long-lasting finish. The chalky soil of French Creek Vineyard excites us every year and we are proud to share it with you.  

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