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In 2021 we had a bit of an odd start. We experienced a push and pull with the weather conditions throughout the growing season. The growing season started off with much warmer temperatures in the spring that led us to expect an early harvest, but temperatures lowered to a more optimal level during the summer months. With the proper temperatures continuing through to the end of summer we were able to wait for the most ideal moment to harvest the fruit. The optimal harvest conditions allowed us to develop comprehensive varietal character in the finished wines.

Our Minnick Hills Vineyard Proprietary Blend displays a consistent deep ruby color, enveloping the glass with alluring aromas of dark red fruit. A fusion of Tahitian vanilla and blackberry with light notes of prune greet you as you sip. The finish is remarkably lush with a hint of sweet oak on the rear palate. Structured to last through the next decade or more, this is a young wine and will age nicely. Recommend revisiting this bottle in 2 to 3 years. 

The south-facing slope, at 1150 ft elevation, is higher than most vineyards in Walla Walla Valley, and is perfectly suited to soak up the warm sun while simultaneously basking in a welcoming breeze that creates good air circulation through the vines. The soils are a sought-after combination of Mt. Mazama volcanic ash content, with windblown loess; this provides deep, extremely well-drained soils. The good drainage means we don’t have to worry so much about early frost and allows for longer hang-time in the fall, giving the fruit time to fully ripen. The vines here are healthy and vigorous; important so that the full canopy can protect the grapes from the Eastern Washington sun, again allowing for slow, even ripening.

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