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Yakima Valley

French Creek Vineyard is a South-facing low-elevation plain. The lower elevation, combined with a consistent westerly wind through the Yakima Valley, cools the vines in the evening, allowing the fruit to maintain natural freshness and acidity. The soil is mostly silt loam with occasional spots of clay, caliche, basalt, and river rock. With such excellent drainage, the warm Eastern Washington summer sun, and light annual rainfall (6”- 8”), French Creek is one of our earliest ripening sites and we harvest to retain freshness, lively flavors and acidity to complement the power and richness imparted by old vines.

One of Washington’s oldest Chardonnay vineyards, French Creek was planted in 1981 by Shad Hope and is managed by Damon LaLonde. This vineyard consists of Chardonnay (we source 1981 old vine, non-grafted Wente clone), Gewurztraminer, and Riesling grapes, and continues to be a highly sought-after Chardonnay site. Older vineyards have deep roots and self-regulate which provides consistency year after year and deeper, more complex flavors. 

Varietals sourced: Chardonnay

Wines produced: Chardonnay

Acres: 34

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Great care is taken to be sustainable and environmentally friendly; they use specific and well thought out pruning and thinning techniques, as well as in-row vegetation, allowing the vineyard to be herbicide-free during the growing season.

Cody Janett, Winemaker

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